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This free, online book of Pediatric Urology, Edition 2.0, features frequently-updated topics such as management of hydronephrosis, hypospadias techniques, approaches to urinary tract infection, information about bowel and bladder dysfunction, neurogenic bladder, pediatric urologic oncology, and much more.

Finding timely, accurate and concise information is tough. This text is edited and written by pediatric urologists to keep you informed and up to date. Best of all, access is free without paywalls or publishing fees. All editors and contributors have agreed to our code of conduct and provide conflict of interest disclosures to ensure complete transparency and maintain.

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International Authorship

The editors cultivate content from contributors with diverse, international backgrounds providing relevance to a broad audience.

Free, Open Access

This book is free of the constraints of traditional publishing models, allowing anyone to read. No password required.

Videos of Relevant Procedures

View embedded short videos of key operative procedures, demonstrating key principles and specific techniques.

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The traditional textbook is out of date by the time it is published. Regular updates will keep you up to date with changes in practice.

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We aim to foster an atmosphere of purposeful inclusion and understanding. See our code of conduct agreed to by all editors and contributors alike.


We require all contributors and editors to report conflicts of interest to preserve freedom from bias.

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We are practicing pediatric urologists, joined by spectacular medical and surgical specialists seeking to further enhance our field by giving back to the community with this rich, educational resource.

This book’s latest iteration stands on the shoulders of the previous editors’ grit and vision.

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