Conflict of Interest


We the editors recognize the need for a conflict of interest (COI) policy to establish trust with a broad audience. This will help to foster proper balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in the content of Pediatric Urology Book. Careful compliance and transparency by editors and contributors will inspire confidence, will avoid both actual bias and the appearance of bias, and will comply with legal and regulatory standards.

We recognize that professionals—especially those involved in clinical care, leadership positions, policy-making, research, education, standard-setting, fundraising or outreach for a professional organization—are subject to COIs. Therefore, we consider it unwise to embrace a general policy which would prevent participation by individuals having relationships which may represent COIs. The existence of an actual or apparent COI does not imply fault or wrongdoing on the part of an individual.

Our policy requires disclosure of financial or intellectual relationships which may be regarded as possibly influencing the work of editors or contributors. Relationships that may create a conflict of interest must be disclosed regardless of whether or not compensation was received. The potential for a conflict arises from the existence of the relationship not the monetary value. Relationships that may give rise to conflict of interest may be of a personal nature or through a family member. All relationships should be disclosed.

We require that all editors maintain annual updates to their COI disclosure using the appropriate disclosure form, and all contributors must provide complete disclosure prior to publication or major revision (at discretion of the editors) of any content contribution to Pediatric Urology Book. All conflicts of interest will be published and updated below along with date of last update.

Time Horizon

Any COI disclosure will cover the previous 12 months. COI updates will be requested with any major updates to a contribution by the authors.

Types of COI

COI can fall into different categories. Sometimes, a specific relationship or disclosure may fall under more than one category. In these instances, the disclosure can be reported only once. Personal financial or intellectual relationships and those of immediate household family members should be disclosed.

Research activities

This would encompass any research performed as investigator for commercial or non-commercial entities, including grant support or other sponsorship from said entities.


This category covers personal or family stock ownership, dividends, or revenue received from commercial interests providing healthcare or services. (Passive stock ownership via mutual funds is not required to be disclosed.)


Any salaries from any commercial or non-commercial entity, including any publishing, internet, e-commerce or other business enterprise that provides healthcare products or services should be disclosed under this category.

Expert Witness

Participation as an expert medical testimony for a trial, hearing, deposition, affidavit or any other type of legal proceeding should be disclosed.

Speaker / Lecturer

Honoraria or reimbursements received as faculty members, speakers’ bureau, industry-sponsored lecture, presenters, chairs, proctors, or consultants must be listed. Roles beyond meeting attendee should also be disclosed.

Consultant / Advisor

Service on scientific advisory boards should be disclosed.

Owner / Intellectual Property

Ownership in any commercial entity, including publishing, known outstanding patents, royalties, internet, e-commerce, ancillary services or other business enterprise that provides healthcare products constitutes a potential COI and should be declared.


Editors and contributors should list any board, officer, trustee, editor or other leadership position in commercial society or organization.

Health Publishing

Editorial boards, authorship, including any publishing or royalty arrangements should be disclosed.


Any other financial or relationship which might otherwise bias or influence the discloser related to the healthcare field should be listed in a COI declaration.

Prevention and Identification

  1. Editors will maintain annual updates to COI disclosures.
  2. Contributors will submit COI disclosures prior to new work to be published by Pediatric Urology Book.
  3. Contributors will submit updates to their COI should new relevant relationships arise.
  4. Contributors and editors will refrain from endorsement or mention commercial entities, trade names, retail brands, or platforms.


Editors will adjudicate all COI vis-à-vis content and may take or recommend the following actions:

  • Peer review contributed work for evidence-based content
  • Provide contributor with alternate topic
  • Select an alternate contributor for a specific topic
  • Termination of the relationship by the contributor
  • Limit contributed work to evidence with no recommendations

Editors may recuse themself from content oversight for any COI. Editors have final decision-making over all COI decisions.


Alleged violations of the disclosure requirement and other provisions of this policy will be investigated by the editors. Contributors will have an opportunity to respond in writing to the editors, who will recommend and/or enact penalties as appropriate to the violation.

Penalties may include:

  • Written warning and requirement of amelioration of the contributor’s COI disclosure
  • Disqualification from participation in this work in part or whole
  • Written report to a contributor’s professional societies for failure to comply with these COI rules

Conflicts of Interest Listing

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Editor Last updated Has COI? COI details
Pedro-José López, MD 2023-02-18
Kyle O. Rove, MD 2023-02-18
Angela M. Arlen, MD 2023-02-18
Mohan S. Gundeti, MD 2020-08-03

Liaison Editors

Editor Last updated Has COI? COI details
Amrita Mohanty, BA 2021-06-13


Contributor Last updated Has COI? COI details
Sarah L. Hecht, MD 2021-09-24
Julie W. Cheng, MD, MAE 2021-10-03
Kathleen Kieran, MD, MSC, MME, FAAP, FACS 2021-09-26
Erin E. Rowe, MD 2023-02-20
Eric G. Benz, MD 2021-11-08
Cristian R. Sager, MD 2021-09-21
Douglas W. Storm, MD 2022-09-22
Joanna Orzel, MD 2021-09-21
Jordan Richards, MD, MS, BS 2021-09-24
Martha O. Herbst, MD 2021-09-22
Ngoc Tran H. Nguyen, MD, MPH 2021-10-22
Sarah S. Titler, MD 2021-09-23
Huixia Zhou, MD, PhD 2021-10-28
Pin Li, MD, PhD 2021-10-28
Jennifer M. Lovin, MD 2021-10-24
Wolfgang H. Cerwinka, MD 2021-10-24
Parviz Hajiyev, MD, FEAPU 2022-02-14
Jonathan S. Ellison, MD 2023-02-20
Yifan Meng, MD 2022-08-10
Erica J. Traxel, MD 2022-08-10
Adam Ostergar, BA 2022-08-03
Ahmed M. Atwa, MD, MSc, MRCS, FEBU, PhD, FACS 2021-10-21
Ashraf T. Hafez, MD 2021-10-21
Gina M. Lockwood, MD, MS 2021-11-21
Marie-Klaire Farrugia, MD, FRCSEd (Paed Surg) 2021-10-04
J. Christopher Austin, MD, FAAP, FACS 2021-11-17
Emily K. Clennon, MD, MPH 2021-11-29
Casey A. Seideman, MD 2021-09-20
Benjamin H. Press, MD 2023-01-18
Nayan Shah, MD 2023-02-20
Israel Franco, MD 2023-01-24
Sarah M. Lambert, MD 2023-03-23
Anka J. Nieuwhof-Leppink, PhD, RN 2023-03-23
Adam J. Rensing, MD, FACS 2021-09-27
Dominic C. Frimberger, MD 2023-01-24
Chad B. Crigger, MD, MPH 2023-01-19
Tamir N Sholklapper, MD, MS 2023-01-20
Heather N. Di Carlo, MD 2020-01-18
Lisa Steven
Divyesh Y. Desai, MBBS, MS, MCh 2022-02-17
Ketaki V. Gharpure, MCh, MS, MBBS 2022-02-16
Nav S. Johal, MBBCh, PhD, FRCS (Paed Surg) 2022-02-16
Naser Al Soudan Al Anazi, BSC, MD, SBU 2022-09-02
Abraham Cherian, MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS, FRCS (Paed Surg), FEAPU 2022-09-02
Ramesh Babu, MS, MCh, FRCS Glas, FRCS Edin, FRCS Paed, FSPU, PhD (Paed Urol) 2023-08-28
Ashwin Shekar P
M. S. Ansari, MS, MNAMS, MCh, DipNB
Sang Hoon Song, MD, PhD 2022-08-17
Danielle E. Soranno, MD, FASN 2023-01-17
Roberto L. Vagni, MD 2021-11-22
Joaquín P. Camacho, MD 2021-11-22
Juan M. Moldes, MD 2021-11-22
María A. Camacho, Arch 2022-09-06
Alexandra Bain, MD 2021-10-14
Peter Metcalfe, MD, MSc, FRCSC 2021-10-14
Callum Lavoie, MD, MSc 2021-10-14
Octavio Herrera, MD 2022-10-07 12:00 AM
Clark E. Judge, MD
Kashish Khanna
Miguel Castellan, MD
Alireza Alam, MD
Roger Bin Idi
Neetu Kumar
Imran Mushtaq, MBChB, MD, FRCS, FRCS (Paed) 2023-03-22
Annette Chang, MBBS, MMed SURG 2021-09-21
Juan I. Bortagaray, MD (Hons), FRACS (Paed) 2021-10-30
Colin Brook, MBBS, PGCert (Surg), MMed (Surg) 2022-10-10
Javier Ruiz, MD 2023-01-17
Nicolas Rosière, MD 2023-01-17
Elizabeth A. Malm-Buatsi, MD 2021-10-20
Matthew Sims, MD 2021-10-20
Dana A. Weiss, MD 2023-02-27
John Weaver, MD, MSTR 2023-02-26
Elizabeth B. Yerkes, MD, FAAP 2022-02-01
Emilie K. Johnson, MD, MPH, FACS 2022-01-31
Kiarash Taghavi, FRACS (Paed Surg), MBChB, PGDipSurgAnat, DipPaeds, GCertClinTeach 2021-09-28
Chloe A. Hanna, BSc BiomedSc, MsGenCoun 2021-10-20
Nathalie Webb, MBBS, FRACS (Urol), MSurgEd Degree 2021-11-03
Jacqueline K. Hewitt
Amanda F. Saltzman, MD 2021-09-23
Nicholas G. Cost, MD 2021-09-21
Jonathan P. Walker, MD 2021-10-06
Jacqueline Morin, MD 2022-10-24
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