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Welcome to, v2 (2nd edition)! The four (new) editors welcome you to a completely revamped set of 68 chapters, organized into 11 sections. While we have tasked experts from around the world to provide insight into the latest knowledge on common topics within pediatric urology, we have also tried to think outside the box by having experts also weight on such topics as regional perspectives on differences of sexual development, surgical leadership, and what our specialty might look like in the year 2050.

We plan to have the book translated into Spanish and potentially other languages soon (2024-5).

The editors are especially grateful to our predecessors, Christopher Cooper, Prasad Godbole, and Duncan Wilcox, for their innovation in starting this online and freely available textbook of pediatric urology. In an era where academic medicine often feels beholden to a publishing system whose interests do not always align with those of the authors of manuscripts, book chapters, reviews, and commentary, Copper, Godbole, and Wilcox sought to buck that system and created the first iteration of this free online book and published it in 2010 for all to use. It regularly receives up to 15,000 unique visitors per month from around the world. Version 1 was translated into Spanish in 2020, further expanding its impact. Many people in and out of the medical field in all roles have used this resource to aid in the care of patients, family members, and themselves. The editors of version 2 have endeavored to maintain this spirit of openness by updating the content, while modernizing the look and feel.

We would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to our liaison editor, Amrita Mohanty, who between medical school classes and clinical rotations, served as a vital organizer, arranging editorial meetings and helping to communicate with all the authors.

The editors would also like to thank our families. Editing a book is without a doubt a big lift—late nights, early mornings, missed outings, Sunday editorial meetings. Their love and willingness to share our time has made this a great resource for trainees, pediatric urologists, families and patients around the world.

We hope you find version 2 as much of a resource as we did version 1! Please feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions or comments. We hope this is a living resource that can be updated as new medical knowledge comes to light.

All our best, Angela Arlen, Mohan Gundeti, Pedro-José López, & Kyle Rove

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